Our Story

Jeff Howard and Andy Mullins developed the idea for iddeate in April 2022. As former leaders in the pediatric autism care field, Jeff and Andy saw firsthand the challenges facing the 7.3M+ adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the U.S. as they aged out of the educational system and into adulthood where few services are available. Disability continues into adulthood and with effective services and supports adults with disabilities can and do lead meaningful lives.

A picture of Andy's sister Abigail

Andy’s sister, Abigail, a 37-year-old living with autism, experienced a challenging transition to adulthood. She lacked opportunities to thrive in the community and workplace after losing access to services. Unfortunately, her story is all too common. Research suggests only 18% of adults with IDD are competitively employed, and 54% of caregivers do not have a plan for the future of their loved one.

Funding for transition support services is often the primary challenge followed by access to high-quality supports and providers. Current funding streams via traditional public benefit programs are insufficient to meet the growing need for supports, career preparation, and skill building. We can do better for the millions of adults with IDD who desire and have a right to full participation in our communities and economy.

We believe in radical change and iterative improvement. We believe in citizen-driven action. And, we believe iddeate is a pathway to a society that welcomes individuals with IDD into adulthood with a hand up, not a handout. Thank you for your support of our mission and work.

Our mission

iddeate is designed by and for adults with IDD to enable independence, personal development, and job attainment.

Our vision

A world where the funding and resources exist to help adults with IDD live purposeful, happy lives.

Leadership team

Jeff Howard,
Founder & Co-CEO

Andy Mullins,
Founder & Co-CEO

Board of Directors

Carla Gross
Board Chair

Director of Quality & Strategic Growth
New Spectrum Health

Patricia Wright, PhD

Executive Director
Proof Positive: Autism Wellbeing Alliance

Jonathan Mueller

Founder & Co-CEO
Element RCM & Ascend Behavior Partners

Paige Raetz, PhD, BCBA-D

Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center

Advisory Council

César Bocanegra

COO, Crisis Text Line;
Former COO, DonorsChoose

Reid Miles

Podcaster, YouTuber, Blogger,
Aspergers Studio

Holli Beth Clauser, RACR

Founder & President,
Behavioral Talent Consulting, LLC

Anthony Verducci


Tom Keyse, JD, GSP

Senior Consultant
Charney Associates

Headshot of Elizabeth Nallenweg

Elizabeth Nallenweg, LCSW

VP of Care Integration
Ascend Behavior Partners