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“Help Ms. Klein afford a gas card and work clothes to maintain her sense of community, independence and her three jobs.”

Ms Klein sitting down

Ms. Klein
Aurora, CO

My hobbies: Singing, crafts, sports, horseback riding
My interests: Maintaining her three jobs, her church group, books

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My Resource Request

Ms. Klein is an active, 73 year-old woman with a late in life diagnosis. After leaving her last job, she realized she needed to be more active and interact with others. Ms. Klein is incredibly proud she has re-engaged with society and is learning the skills to interact with various groups of people. This was foreign to her for many years, and she was isolated from others.

Help Ms. Klein afford a gas card and work clothes to maintain her sense of community, her independence and her three jobs.

Her biggest request would be a gas card to be able to maintain her independence to travel to groups, appointments, and horseback riding courses for people with autism. She is also in need of wrinkle-free pants to wear to her three jobs. She is finding little time to wash and iron with the inconsistency with weather and financially she needs to take every shift she can.

Mr. Klein will only receive her resources if this request is fully funded by September 19.

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Where Your Donation Goes

Shell Refillable Gas Card$300.00
Macy’s Gift Card (wrinkle-free pants, qty. 3)$100.00
Vendor shipping chargesFREE
Sales taxFREE
3rd party payment processing feeFREE
Fulfillment labor & materials$30.00
Total request cost*$430.00
Suggested donation to help iddeate reach more people**$65.00
Total request goal$495.00

Our team works hard to negotiate the best pricing and selections available.
*The total request cost is the sum total of the materials and fees listed above. It must be met in order for the request to be funded.
**Every donor can opt out of this during checkout. We encourage donors to dedicate an additional 15% to their donations to support the work we do to engage the community, build awareness, fund additional requests, and generally run iddeate.


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