Mountain Metro Mobility bus pass

“Help Ms. Hallock purchase Metro Mobility local bus pass to get to her part-time job and to the grocery store.”

Ms. Hallock
Colorado Springs, CO

Ms. Hallock’s hobbies: Ms. Hallock’s goal is to work on building her cooking skills as well as creating a list and purchasing items at the grocery store.
Ms. Hallock’s interests: Ms. Hallock loves coffee, spending time with her dog and volunteering at the Humane Society.


Ms. Hallock’s Resource Request

Ms. Hallock is a wonderful young woman who loves animals and the opportunity to give back by volunteering at the Humane Society. Ms. Hallock only receives Social Security for her funding and after paying for her room and board expenses this only leaves her with $159/mo. Metro would cost at least $84/mo leaving her only $75 to take care of any other personal expenses she may require. By receiving these funds, Ms. Hallock would have the opportunity to keep her volunteer job at the Humane Society in order to give back to her community and maintain relationships she has developed there. Ms. Hallock has to pay out of pocket to get to her volunteer job and to the grocery store. The rides are $3.50 for a round trip.

Help Ms. Hallock purchase Metro Mobility local bus passes to get to her volunteer job and to the grocery store.

If she can not secure assistance with funding she may have to choose to give up that volunteer job in order to help her take care of her other personal expenses and save the money required to utilize Metro Mobility. We appreciate your consideration to help Ms. Hallock. Thank you.

Ms. Hallock will only receive her resource if this request is fully funded by September 8.

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